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Photobooth Printouts Portfolio

Since the introduction of the Photobooth in 2011, it's popularity has gone from strength to strength! We custom-built our Photobooth specifically for University events, aiming to improve on the standard Photobooth concept. We actually call our booth a "Superbooth" because it can take far larger groups of people (easily 10-12 people at a time), catering for the larger friendship groups that people have at University. The booth also uses a pro-camera and pro-lighting to produce fantastic photographs, all of which can be viewed and ordered from this website. The larger size of the booth also means that queues go down far more quickly so people can use the booth many more times during the hire period with very short queuing time.

The booth produces free printouts every time it's used, and the designs of these printouts are fully bespoke to an event. Below are just a few examples of the printout layouts and designs which have been used at some of the events over the past year or so. The number of photos, the layout, and the choice of photo background can be tailored completely to an event and theme. We have a huge range of Photobooth backdrops to choose from, including formal and themed designs, or we can provide you with the dimensions to produce your own unique backdrop.

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