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Photo Booths

Our Photobooths are a fantastic addition to any event, large or small - we have a booth to fit every budget! We have approached the design of our booths from a professional photographers point of view rather than from an ents company's perspective, and using our years of experience in photographing University events we have developed a range of booths which offer the highest quality photographs and provide guests at events with memorable, collectable keepsakes. Our booths use high-end professional cameras, professional studio lighting and the very best printers to produce high quality printouts which we design bespoke for every event, so all are totally unique and thermed. We also have an enormous range of fancy dress props, ranging from the standard (feather boas, big glasses) to totally quirky (old fashioned phones, playable saxophones), with an equally large range of themed and classic backdrops for the booths.

We have 4 different booths to choose from, starting with our "standard photobooth" which is far from "standard", accomodating anything from 1 to 12 people at a time and allowing large friendship groups to get professional quality photos together. Our next two booths offer full length photos and they take up a little more space than the standard booth, but they can accomodate larger groups if necessary and allow for larger props for people to interact with. Our final booth is ideal for events on a budget - it's new for this year, a "Sefliebooth" - it takes up far less space than our other booths, and a touch screen means the users have a very interactive experience. There is also the option of aquiring the high resolution digital files of all the photos taken during the night for display on our Facebook Page or a College / Society Facebook page - please enquire for further details about this option.

To summarise :-

  • Unlimited lab quality prints - either 6"x4" photos or two 6"x2" photos will be printed every time a group visit the booth
  • Guests may visit the booth as often as they wish, and the ability to take larger groups in the booth means that the queues go down very quickly
  • Bespoke photo layouts - the "look" of the printouts is entirely unique for every event, reflecting the theme or providing promotion for an event . Different layouts can be selected within the booth if you wish.
  • Fun themed props available
  • Huge range of Themed backgrounds - we provide a wide choice of backdrops, or allow the design of backdrops specfically for an event
  • Continuous "Live view" in the booth - guests can see exactly what they will look like on the photo, and the count down timer allows them to position themselves, and strike that pose, before the next photo is taken.
  • Online gallery after the event - all the photos taken by the booth will go online on this website by the following lunchtime, so copies of the individual photobooth pictures may be viewed / purchased
  • Professional lighting and professional cameras produce high quality pictures
  • An attendant runs the booth all evening, ensuring the queuing system runs fairly
  • The photos can be printed in colour / Black and White / Sepia


The 4 types of booth that we offer are described in a little more detail below ...


Standard Photobooth

This booth is far larger than regular booths - it can take anything from 1 to 12 people easily, which means that queues go down far quicker than with a regular booth. It means people can get photos with their entire friendship group, or just as couples. It includes live view, photo previews and free themed printouts. We always source props so they fit in with a theme, so the booth expience is always different, and the printouts are always unique and event specific. All the photos go online on this website by the end of the event so people can view them at their leisure. Depending on availability we will also provide pre-dinner formal study photography free of charge, and optional table photos during the meal.

Standard Photobooth example photos and printouts

Automated Studiobooth

This booth is larger than the standard booth - it takes full length photos, with a bench or seat for guests to sit on / stand in front of / stand behind, allowing for even larger themed props which people can interact with, and even bigger groups can use this booth and get photos of the same high quality as our studio photos. This booth all the benefits listed above, and subject to avialability we can also provide the pre-dinner study photos or free - all the photos then go online on our website by the end of the night, so all the photos taken during the night can be viewed on one central site.

Automated booth example photos and printouts

Manned Studiobooth

This option combines the benefits of studio photography with the entertainment and spontaneity of the Photobooth. With this booth our professional photographer will take 4 photos, usually 2 photos without props, and 2 photos with themed fancy dress props - this means the photos are always taken when people are ready, they are cropped and composed perfectly, and just like the other two booth options, guests get free themed printouts and they can come round as often as they like! The photos are also put online on this website by the end of the event.

Manned Photobooth examples


For events with space restrictions at the venue, or for events on a limited budget, this is the booth for you! "Pod" is a standalone open style booth which can be supplied with or without a themed backdrop (depending on space). We can supply themed fancy dress props, or for events on a budget it can also be used with digital props instead. All printouts are themed and bespoke. In addition to printing photos, "Pod" can also combine a series of photos into a Boomerang Gif which can be emailed to users. This is an incredibly flexible ent and the possibilities are endless - we always recommend a meeting with event organisers to discuss exactly what they would like and we will aim to meet all their requirements!

Selfie Booth example photos and printouts Animated gif example


To see more examples of the layouts for the printouts from the various booths, please go to the Photo Booth Portfolio section.


How to book one of our Photobooths

For more information on pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email - please provide as much information about the event as possible, such as the location, and the number of people attending the event.

Once you decide that you would like to book the Photobooth, we will require a deposit to confirm the booking.


Backdrops available for the Photobooth and the Studiobooth

We have a wide range backdrops to choose from for both the Photobooth and the larger Studiobooth (see below - the first backdrops displayed are suitable for the Photobooth, and the last ones are suitable for the Studiobooth). These backdrops include formal and themed designs, or we can provide you with the dimensions to produce your own unique backdrop.

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